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To all customers,

Due to the reason of some people pretend to be salesperson of my company and has sent out a 

lot of emails to customers which  will lead to destroy my company reputation and send bad 

quality products to customers under my company name,we declare that our sales team in  North 

American and email address as below:

1,  James Bond.                Email:james@jamesindustry.com;

2,  Lily Zeng.                       Email:lily@zylighting.com;

3,  Gordon Zeng.               Email:gordon@jamesindustry.com;

4,  Caroline Wang.            Email:caroline@jamesindustry.com;

5,  Cady Liu.                       Email:cady@jamesindustry.com;

6,  Jim Chen.                     Email:jim@jamesindustry.com;

If you find emails from the email address other than the above email address, it must be false email.

One more thing, we only accept payment by T/T direct to James Industry Group Co.,Ltd bank 

account. We never accept payment by Paypal,West Union and L/C.



James Bond 

October 30, 2014


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